My favorite book from childhood.

Daily Prompt 6/1/23 The book that comes to mind is if you give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. I loved this book as a child! I bought it for my Son and I still have it in my desk drawer. One of a few books I don’t want to give away lol…

Daily Blog 5/30/23

What jobs have you had? In no particular order. I’ve made sandwiches (Subway), Medical records field, and call center (couldn’t do this job for long whew)- I always give grace to those with this job type because it takes a lot of patience. Back office billing, insurance verification, Skilled nursing facility (I had to stand…

Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word Bullying.

12 Signs you’re dealing with a Regina George (Adult Bullies)

If you were to ask me what’s your biggest pet peeve? I would respond with bullies. This includes men and women. I will focus more on the women in this blog because there’s nothing worse than being around low vibrational, deeply rooted jealous, low self-esteemed women. We’ve more than likely have been there, but the…

5/22/2023 Daily Prompt

I’m from Denver, CO born and raised so cold weather is second nature to me. Even though I moved 10 years ago, I’m still immune to it. I preferably liked it between October and February. I just feel these are months where it’s supposed to be cold. The cold weather forces me to slow down…


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I’m Kenya’ (pronounced Ken-yae) and I’m a lifestyle blogger and self-love advocate.

My passions are motivating to the fullest potential, self-care, and personal development.

My intentions are for others to live a life full of self-love while creating an abundance of good life habits.

When I am not in pen mode, you can find me hanging with my handsome teenage son Chace, being an autodidact, or doing dancing workouts.

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